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Attribute Rule firing twice in Feature Services?

Question asked by Craig.Mueller_cadoc on Aug 13, 2020

I am trying to use NextSequenceValue on insert of a record to increment an ID field and it's working fine when editing the feature class directly, but when I create a new record in an associated feature service the ID increments by 2 instead of the 1 specified in the database sequence. I've tried to accomplish the same by adding 1 to the max value in the field and that expression also increments by 2 in feature services and 1 in the feature class. Selecting "Exclude from application evaluation" didn't change the misbehavior either (I'm not actually confident in what that does). Has anyone else experienced this and found a way around it? I am not yet on 2.5 and can't try out originalfeature, but I am curious if I can test to see if there is something written into the field to interrupt the second fire.


I'd love any help or ideas on how to get around this. Thanks!