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How to use locators with reference data in enterprise geodatabase in an arcpy  script

Question asked by lpiger on Aug 12, 2020

have implemented an Esri arcpy script to geocode data from a table using locators in file system and address data in a file gdb. it works fine running in an Arcgis 10.6 (windows 10) environnement with python 2.7. i am using typically a call to arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding(address_table, address_locator, address_fields, geocode_result, 'STATIC') and setting the workspace to the path where locators and file gdb are. but now i have to install(copy) the locator data in an entreprise geodatabase (oracle) and i don't get how to "configure" the locators to use the data from this environment. i will be very grateful for any help.