Passing set of geometries to a single Querytask object

Discussion created by aroranidh on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by hzhu
I have a set of geometries and need to overlay them on a point layer to determine points falling under the set of geometries.
I use the Union function of  Geometry service to combine the geometries and pass the unioned geometry to the Querytask object of point layer.
The union works fine for small subset of geometries , but when large set of geometries are passed to Geometry service , the  process takes a lot of time , often resulting in scripting error message ??????.Script is causing IE to slow down.??? .

Is there any alternative of passing a set of geometries (Array or List ) to a single  Querytask object?  I tried passing the extent of set of geometries to querytask , but extent picks up lot of additional points.

Nidhi Arora.