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Unable to share hosted feature layer view to group (ArcGIS Portal 10.6)

Question asked by chris_buckmaster on Aug 12, 2020
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In my ArcGIS Portal (v10.6), I have uploaded a file geodatabase and a hosted feature layer has been created from it.


This hosted feature layer has been shared to a Portal group who need access to the content.


I have then created a view from this hosted feature layer and am trying to share it to the same group again, but after selecting the group I want to share it with, I am finding it doesn't have the group ticked after opening the share permissions again.


I'm wondering if there are any known bugs / issues with sharing permissions for hosted view feature layers in Portal 10.6, or do I need to do any additional things to get it sharing correctly?


As I have been able to share the hosted feature layer successfully, I am a bit confused!