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Processing large rasters as chunks using arcpy in ArcGIS 10.x

Question asked by wade.a.wall_ERDCCERL on Jul 29, 2020

Hi all,


I have a 45000x37000 multiband satellite image (raster) in a geodatabase and I need to read it into a numpy array to do some processing. I have previously used gdal within arcGIS Pro for this, but am currently limited to ArcGIS 10.x with no gdal. I am having trouble reading a raster of this size into a numpy array in arcpy, even when trying to use numpy.memmap.


I would like to divide my raster up and process each chunk individually, but for some reason the split raster tool changes cell values, and not by just a little. I used the "NEAREST" resampling type, which supposedly doesn't change the values.


Does anyone know how to divide up a raster in ArcGIS 10 without changing the values?