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How to use local network dataset with ArcGIS API for Python (generate_origin_destination_cost_matrix)

Question asked by MerrishaF on Jul 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by nmarecos-esristaff

I am working on a script to calculate the distances from a warehouse to all stores belonging to that warehouse. I have done this successfully in the past using arcpy and "Make OD Cost Matrix Analysis Layer". The network dataset used sits locally in a FGDB. I now need to achieve the same result, but the script needs to run in an environment without arcpy. Our organisation does have access to ArcGIS Enterprise but we are not permitted to publish our network dataset due to licensing restrictions on the data.


I would like to use the ArcGIS API for Python and generate_origin_destination_cost_matrix to do my calculations, but without having a publish routing/network service. Is there a way to use the API with a local network dataset in a FGDB?

The sample notebook on the developers guide site indicates that "generate origin destination cost matrix can be associated with a local network dataset" but I cannot seem to find any documentation that explains this further.