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Data Loading Technical Questions

Question asked by santamaa on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2020 by santamaa

We are in the process of migrating our electrical system to the new utility network using the data loading tools to load data into the electrical asset package. I have several technical questions about the data loading tools.


1. If we forget to add an asset or need to update the existing workspace for whatever reason, do we need to re-map all our source feature classes to their targets or can we simply map the one feature we forgot and add it to an existing workspace or do we have to create an entire new workspace for that one forgotten component? Is there a way to update an existing workspace?


2. Say, for example, we need to separate our dynamic protective devices between medium and low voltage to map them to separate asset groups in electric devices, we can do that in the data_reference workbook by setting a definition query. BUT do we need to set opposite definition queries to ensure that data is not mapped incorrectly. Something like below. The first row is taking medium voltage devices and the bottom row is pulling in low voltage devices. 

This same concept would apply in any situation where one needs to pull out and distinguish asset groups?

3. Can you please add more detail to your documentation about adding new fields or customizing fields. For any new fields we want to add say latitude/longitude for electric manholes, do we need to add this to the asset package geodatabase, the target schema tab, and the mapping tab?