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Map Image Layer caching process

Question asked by Tyler.SmithSRQ on Jul 23, 2020

Hey everyone,


I have created a custom State Plane basemap for use in Collector (to collect in SP coordinates) 


The basemap has 9 levels of detail, and around 500MB of tiles. When I published this to our federated server site, I used the option to have the server handle the tile caching automatically. I do not know if this is best process or not. 


There aren't too many layers in the basemap that change much (other than streets) and I am unsure how to handle the re-caching. Does the server re-cache when the map service gets recycled every night? Or are there some tools I could run via Python or Geoprocessing tab in ArcMap/ArcPro to ensure the cache on this service does not grow stale. 


Thanks for any help!