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Experience Builder - Cannot read property ‘background’ of undefined

Question asked by d2dsusmar on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by pbhadmin
  • I am trying to launch Experience Builder from my AGOL account and keep getting the error message "Cannot read property ‘background’ of undefined”. This is not consistent and occasionally/rarely can get through. This is also happening for 5 others in my team from our organizational account. All other web apps work fine.
  • It doesn't happen with another organizational account we manage for a customer so isn't PC, network related (we all work from separate locations). 
  • Only changes recently have been to our short url for AGOL, accepted the HTTPS requirement and accepted the template Homepage for AGOL.
  • All users are User Type = Advanced and all have the Addons for the web apps. 


This is stopping a significant development for us using the new & updated tools from Esri so would like it resolved. Any input and ideas really appreciated.