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Error occurred when querying data from the feature layer (in  a Feature Report)

Question asked by crobinsonforsite on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by crobinsonforsite

I have 4 different Survey123 forms that are set up and running in production - so people are successfully saving data to them. The hosted feature layers all reside in our Enterprise portal that is on-premises. The surveys were created with Connect.


For each of these surveys, I have created some Feature Reports (which I love by the way) and had been successfully generating reports for completed surveys - both manually through the site and automated nightly via Python. Just over a week ago, the reports stopped working and are now throwing errors.  There have been no changes in the reports or the underlying feature layers.

Error on report creation

The error seems to be the same in virtually every case - it talks about a 'Database error has occurred' trying to read the feature layer, and usually seems to make reference to one of the repeats where it is failing. In this case it is trying to read the repeating 'stand' table in the report, and it fails at that point.  That appears to be the common theme in all the report failures.  It does not matter if I create the reports manually or via Python, they fail in the same way.  I have also tried downloading some of the newer Word templates available on the Survey123 site, and they always fail in the same was as well.


Here is a more detailed look:


The data within the survey and the feature layers and the repeats is otherwise visible through the Survey123 site.  The error only occurs during the report generation.


I feel some change was made on the Esri side, or a setting has changed within our network or portal, but I need a hint on where to look.


Any ideas?