Data Access - Plain Text Sample not working

Discussion created by ctalleygreenville on Apr 4, 2011
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Hello all,

I need to grab a text file that is stored at the same level as the javascript/html app and process it for lat-lon.  I have something similar that works with a ArcGIS Extension for Google API but need to really use the ESRI Community Maps service (as our data is included) so I am trying to re-create with just the ArcGIS API for JS.  Amazing how different the two are.

Anyway, I cannot get this sample to work and display my textfile.  I have only changed the url (tried various versions of the path), removed the proxy line of code and set the useProxy: false (or removed it altogether with one try).  The text file is sitting at the same level in the dir. structure as the .html.  Should not have a proxy issue.

In IE, I get " Member not found" error in the Content box.  In Fire fox, I just get "[Object Event]" in the Content box.  I never get the contents of the text file.

It is here temporarily:


You can see the text file itself at: http://gis.greenvillesc.gov/testonly/testurl.txt

In the Google API based app, I used gXmlHttp to load the text file.

Any help will be appreciated.