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Anaconda Arcpy install

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Jul 7, 2020
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Dan Patterson:


I've seen you use the term "That's why I use anaconda..." and never really gave it much thought till now.  I have a miniconda environment I set up a few weeks back (Spyder 4.1.3 Short Cut  and Python Install ) as well as a clone of the ArcGIS Pro.  But now.....  I'd like to add arcpy to my miniconda env.  I don't need ArcGIS pro to recognize it, it's just so I can call arcpy if I need to when I'm doing other scripting in a Spyder 4.x window.


Is it really just as easy as adding another package to my miniconda env?  How does licensing work?


ps: Now, you will be responsible to clean up the mess when they want to have "arcpy"   I have a feeling I may get to understand this comment from you...