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How to copy feature layer schema without downloading?

Question asked by jbryant_wya on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by jbryant_wya

I'd like to save myself some work by not creating a feature service layer from scratch. I have edit access to the secure feature service layer I'd like to base my new feature service on, but it has not been enabled for downloading (I don't own the service and I don't have publishing rights in the organization that owns it). I don't need the data from the current service - I just want to create an identical feature service layer schema for a similar workflow in another project.


I tried to use AGOL Assistant's copy tool, but I cannot copy an item I do not own.


I then tried copying and pasting the json definition for the service in to a text file, and creating a new service using that json file, but AGOL only accepts GeoJSON as input (the json text does not start with "type": "FeatureCollection"). I'm not a developer, so forgive any gaps in my knowledge regarding JSON files.


What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Any tools in Pro?