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How to enable Azure File share using SMB on deployed ArcGIS Server 

Question asked by bharanigurminder on Jun 30, 2020
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Hi team.


We are using ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.6 hosted on Azure.


We recently added the Azure File share drive following the documentation: Create and use an Azure Files share on Windows VMs | Microsoft Docs 


We were able to connect with the drive and write Mosaic Dataset to it using ArcGIS Desktop. Our goal was to use this Azure Files for hosting Image Services. 


When we tried registering the Azure Files drive we were not able to.




We had mapped the Azure File storage to the Y drive and we tried registering the drive which gave us an error as stated above. 


On furthe digging I found documentation on how to enable Azure Files storage on ArcGIS Server.


Add an ArcGIS Server site to your Enterprise deployment—ArcGIS Enterprise | ArcGIS Enterprise 


The articel above states:


"If you check Use Azure Cloud Storage for the configuration and content store?, choose which storage option to use.

  • Choose Azure Files (SMB) to store your ArcGIS Server configuration store and directories in Azure Files.
  • Choose Azure Blobs and Tables to store the ArcGIS Server configuration store in Azure Blob Storage."


The says that this step needs to be implemented while depolyging the ArcGIS Server site. However, our ArcGIS Server is already deployed and in production and we would like to use Azure Files (SMB) as Azure Cloud Storage. 


Is there any way I can implment the change to our production ArcGIS Server to make it work with Azure Files (SMB)?


Any suggestions would be helpful. 


Thank you!