Reinstall ArcGIS Enterprise before database restore?

11-05-2021 01:35 PM
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My org recently moved headquarters and so we have a fresh new server with nothing on it. Eventually I will need to install ArcGIS Enterprise on it and restore full MSSQL database backups that I have. My question is which order should I install things? Is there any reason to reinstall ArcGIS Enterprise on the new server machine before restoring the database? We only use the Server component, not Data Store, Portal or any of those things. TIA.

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If it’s just sql server and ArcGIS server then the order of install does not matter.  Have fun. 🙂

Scott Tansley
Consulting Architect (ArcGIS Enterprise)
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I would second what Scott T. says also. Be sure NOT to change the name of the SQL DB during the restore or it will break. Also remember to resync the SQL DB accounts;

--- George T.