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DataStore and RAM issue

Question asked by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist Employee on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist

Dear all,


I have a question to Data Store RAM usage. I have 10.8 Enterprise (all in one machine), with 7 services (3 features, 2 map service and 2 vector tile layers services) and 5 others non-hosted services.


The problem is with RAM usage of Open JDK Process. It takes more than 21 GB of RAM, so it´s huge consumption against other Server and Portal Processes.


It´s true that all 3 DataStores are enabled: Relational, Tile Cache, Spatiotemporal. But there is no Tile service or service which could be using spatiotemporal data store, so I am quite confuse, what could cause such huge consumption of the RAM.


The restart of the process helps for a while, but with more time running the Data Store use more and more RAM.

Does anyone have faced similar issue?  Philip Heede don´t you know if this is just a common state of art, or something what could be optimized by settings in our DataStore?


Thank you.