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Access private map in website without login using OAUTH2.0token

Question asked by rajni_sharma on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by rajni_sharma

Hi, i have created various maps and feature layers in arcgis online account all maps are public and i am accessing them...

But now as my website is live, for security reasons, i want to make those layers and map private to my website only but it should not display login window username and pwd for my website, instead i want to pass oauth 2.0 token and  then access my private maps.. 

Thanks in advance..


For example i just use the below map id which is public, but if i want to make it private then how to use it in my website using token generated by oauth  from my arcgis app so that it will not ask user name or password for each website user for map page everytime.

Currently i have generated toekns successfully from my arcgis online account.

var webmap = new WebMap({
portalItem: {
// autocasts as new PortalItem()
id: "<?=$map_data_by_country['listing_map_id']?>"



Query: how to pass these tokens to access private maps without providing login credentials..