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Feature Update not working on some devices

Question asked by Tyler.SmithSRQ on Jun 9, 2020
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I have several layers referencing an SDE database (manholes, valves, etc...) 


We are collecting at high-accuracy and things work fine.. MOST of the time. However, it seems on a few devices (my personal phone, a Samsung Galaxy S20, and a coworkers iPhone 8) we have trouble sending any kind of feature update through collector. Every device is using the new collector (not classic).


We can see the map and points just fine, but when we click "submit" we get an error. The message on the back-end looks like this: 



Keep in mind, everyone using iPads or iPhone XR's do not have this problem. So that means it has nothing to do with the feature service, and seems to be device specific. Is there anything I'm missing here? Why would a feature service work on some devices and not others? 


I tried comparing location settings on the devices with issues, but didn't see anything specific that was different. The GNSS coordinate system is GCS NAD 1983 2011, the map coordinate system is NAD1983 StatePlane Florida West HARN FIPS 0902 Feet.