How do I create a flow map to specific points?

Discussion created by NateGeo on Jun 3, 2020
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Hello Everyone!


I am new to ArcGIS, so I might be asking a simple question. My work gave me the task to create a flow map from specific points of interest to the visitor's specific census block group. The data I am working with is similar to the below table. The vistior_location is {"Census Block Group":"Number of visitors"}. In my project, I created a layer for census block groups in the region I am working in and converted the polygons to centroid points. The main question is how do I get ArcGIS pro to draw lines from the points of interest to the specific census block group of the visitor? Also, I would also like to display the number of visitors corresponding to the line color, like if 1-15 visitors from that CBG then the line is blue, 16-30 the line is red, etc. Last, I am running ArcGIS Pro 2.5.


In summary, I need to create a flow map from a location to their corresponding census block groups


Thank you everyone for your time and help in advance.


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