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ArcGIS PRO SDK Spatial Join documentation

Question asked by JMKling on Jun 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by nahmed-esristaff

I am building an Add-in (converting a PyQt app that I wrote) that will need to do a couple of spatial joins and I have been searching for the documentation / reference/ examples of how to do a spatial join (intersect/within) but it seems elusive. 


Intersect returns a boolean; join does not include spatial, searching "spatial join intersect" or "spatial+analyst+spatial+join" in the Pro API reference isn't much help and just returns stuff for table joining.  Besides a blog post I found with an example, "spatial analyst" documentation seems non-existent.  I'm used to python and the ample docs that are easy to find by searching... where is the docs for spatial join operations if it exists, or is the preferred method of running something like a spatial join a python script and toolbox?  I'd like to keep the Add-in 'tools' in C# and in the solution, without having to maintain a toolbox.  Wondering if that is possible though.  Thanks in advance!