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Counting repeat select_multiple answers

Question asked by BLAnmay on Jun 1, 2020
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I am trying to set up a species list for our botany team in Survey123 using an xlsform. I have set up a searchable species list and then a select-multiple list of lifeform types. The botanist will select a species, and then one, multiple or no lifeform. I want to be able to add how many times each lifeform was selected. 


For example: botanist chooses a species - xx

Then chooses a lifeform - LS and SS

Then chooses another species - xx

And chooses a lifeform - PG


Display - LS used 1, SS used 1, PG used 1, etc.


For each of the select-multiple options, I want to be able to sum the number of times it was selected. It currently works if only selecting one lifeform per species but fails with more.


Thank you!!