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Attachments missing / not there on Web Map

Question asked by kayak401 on Jun 2, 2020

I created a point feature class in a geodatabase. Using the Attachment Manager in ArcMap 10.6.1, I added a photo and small pdf file to each point.  There are about 90 points total.


I created a Web Map using my Portal for ArcGIS account to share these results with external partners. The pop-up on the web map shows the attributes.  However, there is no sign of any attachments.  I have looked online for an answer but cannot find a solution.


Here is the online map


My organization's IT staff set it up as a spatial database engine (.sde). Here are the files in Arc Catalog -

Jake Skinner - thoughts?  Is this an issue with trying to use Portal and attachments?


Or is it because I don't have global ID?  Below is screenshot of ATTACHREL


Thank you.