ObjectId Field Type is getting switched to esriFieldTypeInteger with other field data type

05-27-2020 12:01 AM
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Hi Team, 

We are working with ArcGIS Desktop + Server 10.5.1 and we are publishing 2 services with 2 views which are having minor changes in fields but we want those 2 different services because of some specific requirements.

We are following steps to publish the services are:

1. DB from which these 2 views are getting accessed are already registered with ArcGIS server

2. We are registering these 2 views with database in ArcMap by specifying ObjectId field, Geometry field, spatial reference and it is succeeded 

3. We are changing datasource of the layer with this registered view(where icon of view is changed post registration)

4.Saving the MXD and publishing it

5. Post publishing, 1 service is having correct Field Type as esriFieldTypeOID and other service is having Object Id field type as esriFieldTypeInteger.

Any help would be appreciated about what is causing this issue?

To rectify this field swap, we are following below steps:

1. When we are adding view to ArcMap,We are getting 'New querylayer' window

2. We are again selecting ObjectID field as unique identifier and saving that as data source and publishing

Can anyone help why this is happening?



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