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How do I change an existing value of a coded value domain?

Question asked by shawnholyoak on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 20, 2020 by rvburton

I have a coded value domain that I need to change one of the entries from the text "Medium" to "Moderate". This domain is used in two feature classes and several fields in those feature classes. I need to make the change while also changing the value of the fields in the row in the feature classes that have the old value. In other words, I need to change the domain and change the values in the feature classes while not breaking the linkage between the domain and feature classes. I would like to do this via arcpy, but I don't see the tools to do it. I can export the domain to a table, change the values in the table, and recreate the domain from the updated table, and then assign that domain to each feature class, but I don't believe that will change the existing row values. Any suggestions for how to solve this?