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View layer (join) does not preserve attachments

Question asked by Kerry.Kang_bcgov03 on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Kerry.Kang_bcgov03

Hello all, 


This may not be an issue with the survey particularly, but noticed an issue from the feature layer created from Survey123 layers.


My main survey takes attachments along with other information, and have a related table to capture users availability in date format. I created a view layer by joining the  main feature layer from the survey and its related table in order to use the survey result in operational dashboard.


One thing I hoped to do was displaying attachment in popup windows by selecting 'Show feature attachments as links' in the popup config setting, but the view layer does not seem to have any attachment inherited, and there was no option available for  'Show feature attachments as links'.


This is the original survey data setting. The main feature layer has attachments enabled, but not the related table (no attachment questions attached in this table). 




In my join view layer, 'has attachments' is set to false, and I tried to update it to true using admin function, but it was not saved.




I had similar layers that are used in Collector - the main layer that has attachments, and its related table. When a view layer is created by joining these two layers, the attachments are preserved differently from what I observed with the survey data.


Has anyone experienced this before? any solutions?