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Query Widget: Open popup configured with arcade expressions instead of the query default

Question asked by kheney on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by kheney

I have built a web app that uses the query widget to search for a site, or group of sites, by site ID. The purpose of the app is to compare the layer being queried to 3 other polygon layers on the map for proximity and intersections.

In the popup configuration for the query layer, I have used an arcade expression to return attribute information from all layers intersecting the query layer, and the popups are very informative and ideal for the purpose of the app.

When the map is clicked or I use the search widget these customized popups appear, but when I use the query widget (even when indicating to use the preconfigured popups), the popups generated leave out all fields calculated using arcade expressions.

I know I can't use 'virtual fields' to actually query my data (and this is likely why the widget is ignoring them), but is there a way to stop the query widget from generating it's own popup, and to instead direct it to open the popup that would open when the map is clicked?