Web Appbuilder Filter widget & Attribute Table - no fields except objectid

05-12-2020 12:49 PM
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When trying to use the Filter widget in combination with the Attribute Table widget, there seems to be a bug in that if a custom filter is applied with the Filter widget, no fields (except objectid) appear in the Attribute Table after its opened.  I've tested this with the AGOL version and a couple WABde version including 2.16.  Here are my steps:

  1. To do this, I have an app with widget including Filter, Layer List, Attribute Table, etc.
  2. Ensure layer is visible.
  3. From the Filter widget, apply any custom filter such as NameField = 'Feature Name'
  4. From the Layer List (3 circle button) select 'View in Attribute Table'.
  5. Only the objectid field is visible and no other fields can be shown.

If I open that attribute table before applying the filter in the Filter widget all the fields are there and the filter behaves as expected, but a user shouldn't have to do this.  The app must be refreshed to see the other fields again.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

Alternately, I know there is a custom filter section within the Attribute Table widget the behaves similar to the custom filters in the Filter widget.  Unfortunately I'm being told its too many clicks to get to this.  A solution I would like to get working is just add another item below 'View in Attribute Table' to be like 'Filter in Attribute Table' that opens the Attribute Table and directly open the custom filter option window.  If I could do this, I could get rid of the Filter widget.  Unfortunately the Layer List is a beast and haven't had success yet implementing this.  Suggestions on that?

Thanks for the help!


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