Occasional exceptions thrown while fetching multipatch feature rows.

Discussion created by nemesisity on May 13, 2020
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I'm experiencing a strange error that only happens on some of my multipatch feature.


An error occurs when cycling through a RowCursor on a couple of features, but the rest come through fine.  I have this working with legacy ArcObject code, so I don't see a problem with the features.


The exception thrown is "Value does not fall within the expected range." for 3 out of 79 features.  Any ideas?


Here are the basic code snippets.


// Reset a search cursor.

Table table = m_db_info.geodb.OpenDataset<Table>(m_class_name);
FeatureClass fc = table as FeatureClass;


if (fc != null && m_mbr != null) {
   SpatialQueryFilter spatial_filter = new SpatialQueryFilter();

   if (SetupQueryGeometry(m_mbr, fc.GetDefinition().GetSpatialReference(), out Geometry extent)) {

      // If queryFilter is an instance of ArcGIS.Core.Data.SpatialQueryFilter, either
      // both the 'FilterGeometry' and 'SpatialRelationship' properties are set or both
      // are not set. Otherwise, an ArgumentException will be raised.
      if (extent.Extent.Area > 0) {
         spatial_filter.FilterGeometry = extent;
         spatial_filter.SpatialRelationship = SpatialRelationship.Intersects;


   if (m_query.Length > 0) {
      spatial_filter.WhereClause = m_query;
      spatial_filter.SubFields = "*";

   if (m_postfix.Length > 0) {
      spatial_filter.PostfixClause = m_postfix;

   m_cursor = table.Search(spatial_filter, false); // m_cursor is a RowCursor




// Traverse the features in another method.

try {
   Table table = m_db_info.geodb.OpenDataset<Table>(m_class_name);
   FeatureClass fc = table as FeatureClass;

   while (m_cursor.MoveNext()) {  (THROWING AN EXCEPTION ON A FEW FEATURES HERE)
      using (Row row = m_cursor.Current) {
         // Process the feature.
         EsriFeatureRow feature = new EsriFeatureRow {
         m_feature_id = (int)row.GetObjectID()




Thank you in advance for any suggestions.