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Javascript query returnZ does not impact the promise response

Question asked by nikolakakis.manos on May 10, 2020
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by nikolakakis.manos


I want to create a mouse move query on a PolylineZ feature layer. However I cannot figure out how to return the Z values of the vertices of the mentioned polylines, even though returnZ and returnGeometry of the query are set to true. 

The response of the query does not contain a third (z) value.

I have made an example of the behaviour in the following Codepen piece of code below and along the js lines 51 and 55 is the behaviour that I do not understand how to overcome it. My main goal is to be able to return the xyz value of the nearest vertex to the mouse cursor of the PolylineZ feature, however I can only get the xy values 


I would appreciate any advice or answer on how to achieve this or what is the problem here.

Thank you!