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Insights Setup for Linux

Question asked by lp_azr on May 8, 2020
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I´m not sure if this is the right place to write about this but I have some problems or rather found a "bug" while trying to install Insight for Linux.

When running the out of the box i got the error, that no valid installation of portal or server were found. But I did have a working base installation. I looked at the .sh and apparently it assumes, that the installation directory (or rather the location of the file) is in the home directory of the user, which is not the case with my installation. After manually changing that, the installation was started. I still got an error at the end saying that somehow the properties file was not found. The installation itself was successfull, but the file was not correctly edited and is almost empty. I could copy the properties file of another installation, that has exactly the same directory structure, but that is of course a pretty bad solution. 

Unfortunately I couldn´t find the problem in the .sh file. Did anyone else have the same problem and found a solution?