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Map data access from ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by peterlen on May 6, 2020
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by George_Thompson-esristaff

Hello - As an ArcDesktop user, I have been playing around with Arc Pro.  I created an ArcPro project and have a map that contains data from two local file-geodatabases (one from the default project file-geodatabase and one from some other directory).  I was then able to share my map on my ArcGIS online site.  When I opened the browser and found the map, I can see that each layer of the map has its own service endpoint where I can query the data as well the layer data can be turned on or off in the map view.


My question is this....How is ArcGIS Online accessing the data from the two local (my laptop) file-geodatabases?  In ArcDesktop for example, if I wanted to publish a map (MXD) as a service, I first had to register the database in the ArcServer where the service would be published and then I could publish the map.  The ArcServer would save off all of the necessary map info but it did not save off the data.  It just knew how to make a connection to the data.  So how does ArcGIS Online get the data my my laptop's two file-geodatabases?  I can't believe that all of the data would be somehow be exported from my laptop to some ArcGIS Online data repository. 


Can someone elaborate on how the data is accessed?


Thanks - Peter