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Stretched image color ramp display issue

Question asked by gss_FTN on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by SonomaMap

I'm having a problem with the display of an image layer in ArcGIS Online.  The layer is a reference to a REST service of a DEM (image mosaic) from our state's GIS office.  I have it set to display with a stretch symbology, min/max, and an elevation color ramp.  It is also set to dynamically adjust the range.  Sometimes it works just fine, but more often the color ramp has a strange stepped characteristic (note the display of the color ramp in the attached screenshot - it should be as shown in the second attachment (ElevationColorRamp)) and the ramp is also reversed - the white is the lowest elevation while the blue is the highest.
Another issue is that it often stops displaying at all - particularly as I've been trying to troubleshoot.


Does anyone even have any ideas about what is causing this?