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1:M relate in Feature Layer, want to create Survey123 using the existing table - How to Setup?

Question asked by ben_vk on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by dougbrowning

I have a cemetery project where I have two tables, one is a polygon feature class representing grave locations, and the other is a basic table, with occupant information. There can be Many people, within a single grave, so it is 1:M (grave to burial).


The raw data in my Enterprise GDB has a relate setup on the above, and has been published to AGOL, and it looks good online.

A view of the original data from the GDB - Imgur 

I can select a grave online, and it shows the MANY rows within that one grave:


Now what I am hoping to do is create a survey based on this feature layer, and I imagine that it will have a few base questions based on the grave polygon, and then a repeat, showing each of the people buried within, with the capability to add extra people to those graves, using the repeat.


I thought if I used Survey123 Connect to create a new survey, based on an existing feature, that it would automatically setup the repeat based on the related table, but as you can see in the attachment, it doesn't do that at all.


Every row in the above automatically created spreadsheet is from the original cemetery_graves table, it has no reference to the related burials table in the survey at all.


Can someone tell me if they have been able to create a survey based on existing tables with a related table? Is what I am looking to do even possible?


I have been able to create surveys with repeats, from scratch, but this is the first time I have existing data, that I want to incorporate in my survey.


Ismael Chivite I am wondering if this is something you have dealt with or come across in the past? A survey on a feature class, that has a related table...