ArcGIS Pro - Map's Layer is not drawing correctly (Random lines on the layer)

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I'm currently importing the shape files from MSSQL and the layer is drawing incorrectly with straight lines on top (see the below img).

These random lines do not appear when I import the shape files from the local drive, only occurs if the data is coming from the database


I have tried:
• Repair the original shape file using arcgis pro's repair geometry then re-imported to MSSQL
• Repair using SQLLITE's .MakeValid() and checked for validation using STIsValid(). All data returned valid.
I used:
• Ogr2ogr for importing shape files to MSSQL server 2019
• ArcGIS pro 2.5.0


**Side note: These lines do not appear if I'm on QGIS, which makes me think this is not a data issue...

Your help would be much appreciated!