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Rendered problem with 2 FeaturesLayers created from JSON

Question asked by on Apr 23, 2020
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Hi all,


I have a simple map with 2 layers in it. The layers are FeatureLayers created by specifing the "rings" from JSON. On top of that, a simple renderer with simple fill is applied.


My problem is that 1 layer is correctly displayed and the second is not, meaning only the countour is the layer, and inside is like a hole.


Not sure if this is a problem with the renderer or with the json data.


Please see example here: 


Correct polygon: 


Error polygon:



The layers are created from these 2 jsons:


1. const aoi1 = {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[35.7129570843,35.5924058435],[35.8406162505,35.5924058435],[35.8406162505,35.4837313832],[35.7129570843,35.4837313832],[35.7129570843,35.5924058435]]],"crs":{"type":"name","properties":{"name":"EPSG:4326"}}}


2. const aoi2 = {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[22.625794,44.166363],[22.744446,44.166363],[22.744446,44.27656],[22.625794,44.27656],[22.625794,44.166363]]],"crs":{"type":"name","properties":{"name":"EPSG:4326"}}}


If I test the aoi2 in the application , basically take aoi2 data and throw it in the right panel, then in the map I get a whole polygon, no hole or contour, but with JS API I have this situation...




Many thanks!