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Attribute Transfer - Multi-Line Issue

Question asked by on Apr 22, 2020
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  In ArcMap you could easily transfer specified attributes from a polyline to multiple other polylines by I think it was holding down the Ctrl or Shift key.  It would then give you a leader line that you could use to select multiple polylines to all update in one shot.


  In Pro, I don't see that ability at all.  The strange thing was, a few months ago, holding down the Shift or maybe Ctrl would copy to multiple polylines if you selected them very quickly, but now that's not even working for me.  Instead I'm having to continually click on the source polyline, then to the first polyline I want the attribute, reselct the tool, reselect the parent polyline, select the next polyline, etc.  This is a giant pain to do.


  Is there something I'm missing that allows selecting multiple polylines to transfer attributes to?


(I know there have been past posts about points and polygons not being supported yet with the Attribute Transfer, so maybe this functionality is something that hasn't been implemented at all yet?)