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Proper use of Unit and Unit Type in Point Address Role

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Apr 21, 2020
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ArcGis Pro 2.5


I was into Create Locators pretty hot and heavy, but in my most recent position, I've not been dealing with locators.  What I am dealing with is deploying the ESRI  Data Management Solution; I'd like to have a schema for my address points that will be optimal when used with an Address Point Role locator.


The Solution has a field called Unit Type and provides a Domain with entries like APT, Unit etc.  It also has a field called Unit ID which presumably would hold a value like A,B or C; 101,102,103 etc. Here is a snapshot of some addresses I'm working with.  Unit_Designator is our current field for unit and I added UnitType for this test:


Using the Create Locator tool, I map the fields as shown above to in their respective roles.  However when I search for the address 3694 S BLAZING OAK DR Apt A, all it returns is 3694 S BLAZING OAK DR .  Out user base typically uses # in front of a unit number like this: 3694 S BLAZING OAK DR #A and at one time (an earlier version of Pro, 2.4.?) that worked.  I have never used the unit type field before today.


I must be missing something here as I cannot resolve for a sub unit with an address point role locator.  What is considered best practice for an address point schema to support new style locators?


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