Joining surveys best practices

Discussion created by petronilamandeno on Apr 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 19, 2020 by petronilamandeno

Hello, I'm having trouble joining surveys and making them available while still retaining all the features from the original surveys (i.e. multiple choice options).


I've tried joining them and creating a feature service *view* and creating a new survey based on that view, but that doesn't allow me to share the new survey with a group in my organization. (I just want them to be able to filter the data and create reports, not add new records or edit the database, but maybe that would be good too.)


Anyway, when I join without creating a feature service view (creating an entirely separate feature service layer), I lose all the back-end stuff like whether the question was a multiple choice question or drop-down. All the fields are just text. Which is fine, but when I create a report, I don't get the option to get those nifty check boxes. Plus, some of the text answers are obscure, like, 10_20_feet when it should show as 10 - 20 feet.


What work flow would you all suggest to maintain the data and functionality of the original surveys?