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Joining Points and Lines On Two Layers in an Operations Dashboard List

Question asked by JasonRWickersty on Apr 13, 2020
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I'm trying to create an operations dashboard using the following map which I created from data from Revolutionary War veteran pensions from New Jersey: 

I would like to create an operations dashboard which uses a list to cycle through the various soldier names, and when one is selected, all of the points, and the lines which connect the points are displayed.

On the map, I currently have two layers - one with the points with pop-up data, and a second layer with points-to-lines joining each of the points.

When I create a list in operations dashboard, it only asks for one layer to create the list from - so I can only have all of the points showing, or all of the lines showing. Not both.

How do I connect the layers so that, by selecting one name, I will only have all of the points and the lines connecting them associated with that one soldier appear?

Thank so much!
Jason Wickersty