Connect Origins to Destinations Tool Fails in AGOL

01-15-2020 09:30 AM
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I have two layers - an Origins layer and a Destination layer. Both have the same number of features and fields. I've added a field to each called "Unique_HLID" that has unique values calculated for each of the two layers. I can confirm that no single value from one layer in this field exists in the other. The parameters I'm setting for the tool are:

Measure: Driving Distance
Route Shape: Follow Streets

When I run the tool, I get this error: "The values in HL_UNIQUE_IID in Origin do not have a one-to-one match with the values in HL_UNIQUE_IID in Destination. Connect Origins To Destinations failed."

When I review the documentation for this tool for running many-to-many Origin-Destination searches, it specifically says "Each layer must have the same number of features, and ID fields must have unique values within each layer."

To me, the error and the documentation are contradicting, unless I am misinterpreting something?

Also, if I run the tool and use the same field that has the same values across features, I just get a generic error

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Hi Dave,

I noticed that you had created a case for an OD cost matrix issue - was the case related to this post?

In ArcGIS Online for the tool, the values need to be unique within each layer but match 1:1 or 1:Many with values in the other layer. This is covered in the tool tip: "If there are many origins and many destinations, you need to have two fields that describe the origin-destination pairs: ID field in origins and Matching ID field in destinations. The tool connects the origin-destination pairs during the analysis. For instance, imagine you have two origins with ID field values of Rosie and Harold and two destinations with the same ID values. The Rosie origin will connect to the Rosie destination, and Harold will connect to Harold. No other connections or measurements are made."

Hope this helps,


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