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Error: System resources exceeded

Question asked by AmyNNN on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by mbrake_geojobe

Just lost about 5 hours of an edit# session for the 2nd time. I'm doing emergency response work for Covid-19 in Texas. Using ArcGIS 10.7. I'm digitizing a zone that covers about 30 counties from mid state to the eastern Red River border. Rivers on the eastern and western edges of the polygon so lots of drawing. I've gotten this "#System Resources Exceeded" error twice now. On 2 different polygons. Machine is not the issue. Losing 4-5 hours of work each time. I don't have time to keep redrawing this. It's not as simple as doing a polygon dissolve, we need a new shapefile- thus the digitzing. It's not a computer/reources issue. I have a 8 month old Dell laptop with an Intel Core CPU @ 2.4GHz with 32GB memory. 64bit OS so it's certainly not disc space. Any suggestions? I'll open a support ticket in the morning if I don't hear back. TIA