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Cannot update published layer: "No layers in service" warning

Question asked by KYTCGIS on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by JTedrick-esristaff

Hello - we're publishing multiple surveys for the COVID-19 response within KY and I'm coming across a similar error when trying to make updates to the surveys once they've been published.  I'll make a change to a published survey which I know is allowed (like adding a text field or making a question NOT required) but when I do - Survey123 Connect  warns me the changes will wipe the survey.  The error message is pasted below. 


These surveys are published from the XLS form and are not writing to an existing service nor are we using enterprise.  When making small, needed changes we cannot wipe the existing data so we've been having to forgo needed changes which normally should be able to be published.  In the last week I've had this happen on two surveys - one did have repeats within it so I assumed there was an issue with that but this survey in particular does not have any repeats and I was not changing anything which would wipe the existing survey - I wanted to make a required field not required.  


I authored the survey in Survey123 Connect and we are on version 3.9.120.  I will say I've only received this error on  surveys I've published with this version of Connect - I don't know if it is a bug.  We do have a version on the survey which I haven't used too much before but other than that it is the standard geopoint, barcode, image, text, and date fields.  No repeats, some of the fields are use an esri type of null so they don't write back to the layer, and there are quite a few calculations and relevants.  Folks can submit to the survey without a problem or error but I cannot update it at all.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!