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Manage Map Server Cache Fails for Hosted Feature Service, why?

Question asked by carl.vricella_psegli on Apr 2, 2020

I have a tile service on ArcGIS Online and I want to update the cache; when I try to from arcmap using Manage Map Server Cache tool (accessed by right clicking service udner "Hosted Feature Services" and clicking manage cache) the tool fails with the following errors:


- The Workspace is not connected

- ERROR: code:400, Info for item not found, Bad syntax in request.


Tried running with the following parameters:

- All scales in the cache (lvl 12 - 19) selected


- Wait for job completion: Checked


Side Question:

- The updated tiles come from the associated tile layer on AGOL correct? So that tpk must be updated first if I want to update the layer tiles themselves (unless of course I am just deleting the tiles)