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call GP Service with C#

Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by jay.kapalczynski

I am doing to below from JavaScript API.

Passing parameters from Javascript to a GPService in ArcGIS Server


Is there a way to do the same from C# in .Net framework?  if so how?


var gpUrl = "";

var gp = new Geoprocessor(gpUrl);

          for (var f = 0; f < text.length; f++) {
                obj = JSON.parse(text);

                varaddress = obj.employees[f].address;
                vardistance = obj.employees[f].distance;
                varid = obj.employees[f].id;

                var params = {
                    address: varaddress,
                    distance: vardistance,
                    uniqueid: varid