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Track Widget Sandbox Code not working outside Sandbox

Question asked by jaydeep.mistry on Mar 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2020 by rscheitlin

Hello all,


Track widget simulation | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.14 


I am trying to write some code using the Track Widget functionality demonstrated in the Esri Sample above. It specifically uses an external js library to force a custom location for its geolocation service instead of the current location of the browser. I want to use this method to modify the sample code shown in the Track Widget simulation, however when I try to run the code outside of the sandbox, i keep getting an error in loading the custom js library. Error message listed below:


Error in my browser's console:


Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


Error: scriptError: //
at q (dojo.js:5)
at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (dojo.js:23)


Running the demo in the sandbox works fine, but when I try to run it outside in a standalone html file, the demo code does not work at all.


Weird thing is that I can open the link to the file that the mock-geolocation file is stored in, but for some reason the script in the html cannot. Also even when I give it a modified url to the RAW location of the js library on GitHub, it then fails to recognize the functions of the library.


Please help! Thank you