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Different Authentication Schemes, ArcGIS API Python

Question asked by dazman@ucdavis.edu_ucdavis on Mar 28, 2020

Trying to complete the Automated Near Real-Time Data Update lesson (Schedule Automated Near Real-Time Data Updates | Learn ArcGIS ) but came across problems during the python section of “store arcGIS online credentials locally" when inserting the gis = arcgis.GIS line of code


My account is based on an organization with a Kerberos ID along with a Duo Mobile 2FA, and I have tried to approach it using the Kerberos section of Working with different authentication schemes (Working with different authentication schemes | ArcGIS for Developers ) but the error still prevailed. 


Attached are the following errors: 



What would be the correct line of code to successfully generate the above token and sign in?