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ArcGIS Online / ArcGIS Server Layer Issue

Question asked by Benjamin.Cochrane_RCBC on Mar 26, 2020
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I work for a local council in the UK and we have recently had our GIS infrastructure upgraded. I am trying to restore some ArcGIS online public web maps / apps that are now not functioning due to issues with basemaps and other services we have hosted on our new external ArcGIS server.

After republishing some services my understanding was that Id go into the layers within ArcGIS online, go to settings and change the URL to reflect the new rest URL in ArcGIS Server Manager. However having done this and saving the changes into the layers on ArcGIS online this is not working as I expected.


The services are all set to public / everyone in their permissions and if I bring these layers back into ArcGIS via add data > Layer from web ina blank map, it works fine, but when I try to open a previously created web map that uses these layers which I have updated with the new URLs the layers fail to load and I just get a blank map. Short of updating the URL in the layers settings I don’t know what else I would / should need to do ??


Im completely out of ideas on this and have been trying for the last few days to no avail.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.