Help creating a hyperlink between multiple fields to one image

03-30-2020 01:40 PM
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I have a layer with a Several thousand Parcel Polygons that I use for my City.  I also have a set of PDF for Subdivision Plats.  One pdf might be one Parcel or it might be 50 Just depends on the size of the Subdivision.  I have a field in my layer that has the names of the Scanned PDFs.  I want the public to be able to use these PDFs.  I know i could just link them by name to our servers if it was just internal use.  I thought I configure a popup in the web map to the field that i have set up for subdivision names and Link to the document.  using, but I cant seem to link it I also dont want to put the URL in to every parcel one at a time.  Does any one know of a way to do this.  thanks for you help

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Hi Wade,

To do this, you will need to:

1.  Copy the PDFs to a web server (i.e. if you are using IIS, this is usually the C:\inetpub\wwwroot directory). 

2.  The web server will need to be externally accessible (i.e. outside of your firewall)

3.  Add a new field to the feature class

4.  Calculate the field to the web server's HTTPs URL + the field name containing the PDFs.  For example, say you copied the PDFs to the following directory:  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\PDFs.  You would calculate the field to be:  '' + !fieldname!

You will now have a hyperlink to the PDFs.

Another option is to use geodatabase attachments:

1.  Execute the Generate Attachment Match Table tool

2.  Execute the Enable Attachments tool

3.  Execute the Add Attachments tool

The PDFs will now be accessible through geodatabase attachments.

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