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GridIndexFeatures does not respect a manual origin point?

Question asked by LstAB_Herner on Mar 19, 2020
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In an effort to create a series of simplified polygons for large national complicated datasets, I am using the arcpy.GridIndexFeatures_cartography function for this: 

I take a feature class, use the XMin and YMin values to define the origin point of my analysis. I then subtract an adequate value (~500 meters or so), and use that point as my origo point. 


I first create a GridIndexFeature (the red squares) over my input feature class (green polygon). I then offset the origin point with half of the width of my grid and run GridIndexFeatures again on the previous result. I can then dissolve this for a rough, low vertex count, rough bounding geometry, where I know i have atleast half a grid-size worth of buffer. This works fine in Python 2.7.




However in python 3.5, It always uses the input feature extent. I am using the exact same script. If I run the tool in ArcGIS Pro, I can enter the origin point manually and it will provide the same result as python 2.7. But not when running through arcpy in python 3.5. I guess I can just use python 2.7, but I dont know if this is a bug in arcpy?



Is there a way to enforce the origin point in arcpy.GridIndexFeatures in python 3.5?