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Change Portal Name from DNS Name to Machine Name

Question asked by mnaufal on Mar 17, 2020

Hey guys,
So, I have a portal and web adaptor on one machine. The name of the machine is, and it is assigned to the DNS name with the name of Now, I want to separate the portal and web adaptor. To avoid unfederate process, I installed the web adaptor on a new machine (let's say and assigned the DNS name to that machine.


After that, I restarted the portal service, then opened the portal using and it was successful. I've registered web adaptor (on to the portal ( and its success too. But when I opened the portal through web adaptor, there's an error that said it could not access any portal machine. When I checked the portaladmin, it turns out, the portal machine name is still registered as


My question is, is there any idea on how to change the portal machine name in the portaladmin? Or, is there any way to separate the web adaptor to a new machine without having to reinstall or refederate the server?

Thank you!!